Troubleshooting "Data Error" download issues with DRC Insight Browser

  • Updated

If you are having trouble downloading the DRC Insight Browser from the Software catalog and getting a "Failed to process action: Data Error" message, we have implemented a fix that should resolve this issue. 



  1. Please restart your student’s computer and wait on the login screen for 3-5 minutes before signing in.
  2. After signing in, look inside of the Software Catalog, inside of the “Utilities” folder and then “ZCM” folder, there should be an icon for “ZCM Fix.” Double click on that icon and it will apply the fix. (If the ZCM folder does not show up, you may have to attempt step one again)
  3. Once that has been clicked on, attempt to download DRC Insight Browser. It should download and install correctly. (It may not look like the fix has run as it will not visually change anything, if you click on the bundle again it will give you a "Failed to launch net.exe Exit code : 2." If you get the error message that means the fix has been applied and you can attempt your download.)



If you are still having trouble downloading or accessing your CDT testing through the DRC Insight browser, you may want to utilize the web version of the test ( CDT Web URL )