Signing into the Canvas App as a student

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Note: Using the Canvas App does not qualify for being attended at PALCS. In order to be counted attended for a particular day, students much log in to

The Canvas App is an app that maintains persistent log in to Canvas, which is a system separate from PALCSchool. Therefore logging in to each day is recommended for all students and something to pay very close attention to for students and families that use the Canvas App.



In order to sign into the Canvas app, you will need to be sent through the PALCS School Lobby.

The first time you visit the app you will need to press "Find my school."


An window will pop up to search for schools, you do not need to type out the full name, you can just search for PALCS.


Select "Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School" and it will take you to the lobby login page.


Enter in your username and password and then click on "Login." This will then take you to the PALCS School Lobby. The Canvas app is expecting you to reach a Canvas page, so you are not signed in just yet. You will need to reach a Canvas page via the Lobby.


Click on the "Menu" button at the top right of the screen. Then select "My Courses" and then click on any of your Courses. It may take a minute but it will eventually authenticate that it is reaching Canvas.


Now you are signed into the Canvas app and you should reach a screen that looks like this.


You are now signed into the Canvas Student app and you should stay signed in when the app is closed.