How to Sign out of Google Workspace

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If you are having trouble accessing Google Docs/Files that were shared with you, you may be signed into multiple accounts or have the wrong one set as default. (Google Chrome will automatically make the first Google account that is signed in the default. If a personal account is set as the default, you may have trouble accessing shared resources (anything embedded within Canvas will use the default Google account).)


The easiest way to sign out of Google Workspace is to click on the "Drive" icon in the lobby. 


This should take you to your Google drive. Click on THIS section at the top right of the screen.


If it takes you to a personal account it may look slightly different. Click on the icon/profile picture at the top right. (If it takes you to a personal account, you will NEED to follow these instructions to make sure your account is working correctly.)


Clicking this button will show any Google accounts signed into the browser. If there are multiple accounts, an option for "Sign out of all accounts" will show up. Click on that to sign out.


Do not click on the profile picture that always shows at the top right of the Google Chrome window. This is a similar interface/icon but it will not work for this purpose. Make sure to click on the icon that is within the Website/Google Drive page itself.


After signing out, it may redirect you to the lobby. (If not just navigate to the lobby - ) Sign back into your student account and then click on the "Drive" icon again.


When you click on the icon at the top right, it should now show "Signed out" for the other account.


If you click on the listing for the other account, one of the options will be "Remove." Click on that to prevent any issues in the future.


Once you remove it, it should look like this with JUST your student Google account showing up.


By only being signed into your PALCS Student Google account, you shouldn't have any issues accessing documents that are shared with you/embedded within Canvas.


If you need to be signed into multiple Google accounts at the same time, please make use of the "People"/Chrome Profile function which you can find more about HERE. That will ensure that they stay separated and not interfere with your PALCS Google account.