Minecraft on a School Computer

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Minecraft is a computer game in which players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat. Minecraft requires some specific hardware to run. Its recommended system requirements do not match the hardware we have in many of our school computers. In particular the graphics card series and processor speed are below the recommended system requirements. Most of our computers meet the minimum system requirements. Therefore students attempting to play Minecraft on a school computer should operate at their own risk and understand that game performance may not be the best. Also support from our HelpDesk will be limited due to these system requirement issues.


Also students cannot install Minecraft using the .msi file found on their website. To install an .msi, one must have administrative rights on their computers. School policy prevents students from having admin rights. Students must use the .exe version in order to play Minecraft on a school computer. 

Currently the ONLY version that works on school computers is the “Alternate Version” for Windows 7/8 made available at minecraft.net/en-us/download/alternative The image below shows the specific .exe download link highlighted.



Make sure to click on the "Microsoft.exe" for the Windows 7/8 (alternative) otherwise it will not work correctly.

As soon as you click on that icon it will download a file to your computer. We suggest moving that "Minecraft.exe" file from your downloads folder to your Desktop.


Then double click on the Minecraft file and it will begin to install Minecraft on your computer.


(There may be a prompt for you to enter an admin password, just press No and the installation will continue)

After some time the install will complete and you will reach the login screen for the Minecraft Launcher.


It is recommended to already have a Microsoft Account so click on the "Microsoft Login" button. (If you have not transferred your older "Mojang" account you will need to follow the instructions on THIS page. This process may need to be done on a personal device as our filter may prevent some of the steps required) 

Enter your Microsoft account information that is tied to your Minecraft account.


Enter the password.


Then it will prompt you to confirm, click the "Let's Go" button at the bottom.


You will then be logged in and able to use Minecraft on your PALCS School Computer.



We have also set up an alternative way to download this if you are having trouble with this method which can be found here.