Minecraft Alternative Instructions

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Minecraft Alternative Instructions


We are currently having issues with our supported method of using Minecraft on the student computers (Our filter is blocking the necessary files but we are working with them to resolve this issue). In the meantime we have set up an alternative we to get Minecraft on your PALCS computer. All you will need to do is open up the Software Catalog and look for a folder called “Utilities.”



Inside of that folder is another one that says “Patches.” (If there is no Patches folder in your Software Catalog, one thing you can try to do is restart your computer and wait on the login screen for 5-10 minutes before logging in. This should get the patches folder to show up. You may also need to "refresh" it by right clicking on this icon:



and then press the option for "refresh": )



Inside of the Patches folder will be an icon that says “Patch - 1.15.1,” double click on that icon and it will install the necessary files to your computer.




It will add this Minecraft - Shortcut icon to your desktop. Once it finishes, click on that icon and it will open up the Minecraft launcher. Login with your Minecraft/Mojang account information.



You may get an error message that says “Sorry! Make sure you are online and try again” just wait a minute or two before trying to log in. Eventually it will go through.



Once you log in you should be able to launch the game. You may get another error:



But you can just ignore that for now. Once the game has loaded and you are trying to connect to a server, you may get an error message like this:



All you have to do is click on the “Refresh” button at the bottom and try to connect again. After 1-5 minutes it should let you through to the server.