Icons missing? - How to Fix

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My icons have disappeared, how do I fix that?


If your icons have disappeared and your screen looks like either of these pictures, don’t worry.


There are two simple fixes that should restore your icons. If your computer looks like the first image, your computer has switched to Window’s “Tablet mode.” You can turn this mode off by clicking on magnifying glass icon at the bottom left and then typing "Tablet." One of the options that should pop up is "Tablet settings." Click on that.


On the new window that pops up, click on "Change additional tablet settings." 


Then on the next screen click on the toggle button under "Tablet mode" to disable it.


This should restore your computer to the normal viewing mode and your icons should re-appear. (If your computer switches to this mode every time you turn the computer on/sign in, search for "Tablet again" and open up the the Tablet settings. Under the "When I sign in" make sure it is set to "Never use tablet mode" 



This will prevent your computer from switching to Tablet mode when you sign in)




If your computer is not in Tablet mode and your desktop icons are missing, right click anywhere on the desktop and hover over “view.” There is an option for “Show Desktop icons”.



If there is not a check mark next to that option, left click it and it should restore your icons.



And finally, if you have logged into your computer and it looks like all of your icons and files are missing (but all the default apps like Chrome, Software Catalog and Zoom are there). Log out of the computer and verify that you are logging in with the correct login information. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to the Helpdesk and submit a ticket so that we can help.