CDT Testing on Personal Devices (DRC Insight Browser)

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CDT Testing on Personal Devices (DRC Insight Browser)


We recommend using a PALCS device to take the CDT test as we will be able to provide support for you if you have issues accessing/installing the program. However the test can be taken on a personal device if needed.




If you're interested in installing the testing program on a personal computer, click here to download the installation file for the DRC Insight Browser Windows Edition.



Once you click on that link on your computer, it should download the installer file for the DRC Insight Browser. All you will need to do is run the file once it is download and follow the prompts on the screen.



 Once the installer is completed, it should add the program to your computer. However as this is a personal device we really can't provide support for them/guarantee that this will work (but hopefully it will!).


You will need to disable the Game Bar on Windows. You can do this by opening the settings menu and looking in the "Gaming" section.



There should be an option to turn off “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.” You will need to disable this to run the DRC Insight browser.


There should now be a program called “DRC INSIGHT Online Assessments”



If you open that program, it will take you to a screen that looks like this



Click on the “Assign Device to ORG Unit” button on the left and enter in the number “73175561”. This will assign your computer to PALCS’s organization and should allow you to access the test that you need.


Another option would be to use the Web Version which you can find out more about in this article.


(If you need the Apple/Mac version of the browser here is the direct link to the DRC Insight browser designed for that operating system )