Class for Zoom

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Class for Zoom is a virtual classroom built specifically for education and using Zoom's program framework. PALCS is piloting Class during the 21-22 school year to fully evaluate the product and determine if Class has a place at PALCS.


Sessions run in Class require a specific client. We make this client available to students in our Software Catalog

The ZENworks Software Catalog is available on all student computers from the Windows Taskbar. An example of the ZENworks Software Catalog icon and its location on the taskbar is shown below.

The Class client is located in the Plugins>Zoom. 

Location of Class for Zoom installer in our Software Catalog.

When installing programs from our Software Catalog, we always recommend students refresh the Software Catalog to ensure they receive the latest program assignments.

The Software Catalog can be refreshed by right clicking the icon on the taskbar and selecting "Refresh."