PALCSchool Lobby

  • Updated

Our PALCSchool Lobby is jam-packed with useful information for both students and parents!
Included in the Lobby are:

  • Critical Messages - these include targeted notices regarding important school matters.
  • Quick Links - includes our 1-page School Calendar At a Glance, staff phone list, link to submit a Tech HelpDesk Ticket, and student and parent question forms.
  • Student Snapshot - available in both student and parent accounts. This shows current progress in all courses.
  • Announcements - Announcements are categorized by school division (Elementary, Middle School, and High School) and by program (CPFA & USP).
  • Upcoming Social Events - Events are also categorized by division and program and are updated regularly.
  • This Week At PALCS - provides a 5-day rundown of calendar events, also categorized by division and program.