Adding a new email for Canvas Notifications

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If you would like to receive Canvas notifications to another email address, you can do that from within Canvas. Click on the "Account" button at the top left and then select "Settings."


On the right side of the screen, click on the "+ Email Address" button. This will pop up a new window.


Enter the email address you would like to add and select "Register Email."


A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you enter. Make SURE to check your Spam boxes as well as to make sure your inbox isn't full as Canvas may not be able to send the confirmation email if you have no room in your inbox/email storage.


Before the email is confirmed, the email address will be added to the list but it will stay blue until it is confirmed. (If you hover your mouse over the email address you've added you can see whether or not it's been confirmed)


Open up your email, there should be an email from with a link to click on. Click on the link (if you are not signed into Canvas you will need to sign in).


After following the link, you should get this green checkmark notification "Registration confirmed!"


The address should change from blue to black text once the email is confirmed.


Once the email has been confirmed, you will want to check your Notification settings. Click on the "Account" button again inside of Canvas and select "Notifications."


You can adjust the frequency of notifications for each of these sections. To change the frequency, click on the bell/calendar icon and then select how often you'd like each category to notify you via that email address.


Note, if your email is not confirmed (blue text in the Settings page), it will still show up in this Notifications page, however you will not receive any notifications until you have confirmed the email. If you are not able to locate the confirmation email, you may need to send another one. Click on the blue text email and it should re-open the confirmation option.


Click on "Re-Send Confirmation" to send a new confirmation email.