Fixing HP Printheads via the HP Smart App

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If you are having trouble with printer jobs not coming out properly (either blank pages, faded or smudged colors), you may need to clean out your printer's "Printheads."


This can be done within the HP Smart App. Open HP Smart app by clicking on the icon in the Start menu.


Click on your printer at the top of the app. (If it does not show up, make sure you are connected via USB or to the same network that the printer is on.)


Click on "print quality tools" from the list on the left side menu.


Select "Clean printheads" or "Align Printheads" based upon what issue you are having. A screen will pop up once it starts letting you know the device is busy.


Once it is done, attempt to print again to see if this resolved the issue. If you are still having issues with printer quality, you can try to follow the steps HP have listed HERE to physically clean off the cartridge/printheads.