Statement on Computer Security

  • Updated

We utilize the latest technology to deliver school computers that provide a high level of Internet security and protect from viruses and spyware. These computers require very low maintenance and allow your student to focus on schoolwork and not on maintaining the computer.

PALCS utilizes sophisticated filtering software that prevents students from visiting inappropriate or unsafe websites, or using the school computer for improper means. Our filter also helps to minimize distractions by limiting students to sites that are relevant to their studies.

Computer Updates and Anti-Virus Protection are automatically updated on your school computer every week, so you can be confident knowing your school computer is always update to from spyware, viruses, unwanted advertisements, and pop-ups. This provides a great advantage to our families because they do not have to spend any time manually running computer updates and virus scans.

Remote Access allows the PALCS IT Help Desk, with your permission, to remotely access your computer and resolve any technical issues you are experiencing. This ensures your school computer will be back up and running as quickly as possible. These workstations are able to connect to the servers in our West Chester Office and can therefore be updated and fixed more efficiently than ever before.

Software is automatically installed which provides both a time savings for families and greater security. When programs areĀ  installed directly from the Internet often,there is a potential threat of viruses and spyware entering a computer device.