Google Chat for PALCS Clubs

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One tool that we make available to certain students involved with PALCS Clubs is Google Chat and Spaces. This is a chat and workspace tool that allows you chat and collaborate directly via your PALCS Google accounts. As soon as your accounts are enabled for Google Chat/PALCS Club resources, your Gmail interface will look slightly different.


You can access "Spaces" which are predefined groups that are available for communication. You should be added to your specific Club and already have access to the Space for that particular program.


You can use the "Space" to chat, exchange files and lots more. The easiest way to access Google chat is directly from your Email tab inside of the PALCS Lobby.


You can also access it directly via this link (If you are not currently logged into your PALCS Google account it may not work properly.)


We are trialing this program with a couple of Clubs but we may make it available more widely.