Canvas Supported Web Browsers

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Instructure publishes an article they update regularly with supported web browsers for their learning platform, Canvas.  PALCS supports both Firefox and Chrome as our official browsers. We have found that Chrome offers the best experience for students when engaged with our main systems such as Google Workspace and Canvas. 

Canvas Supported Browser Article


The Canvas interface is optimized for desktop displays, so using small form factors such as phones may not be a pleasant experience in using Canvas. Canvas is not officially supported on mobile browsers. Canvas recommends using Canvas mobile applications for an improved user experience. PALCS is currently evaluating the effectiveness of the Canvas apps for students and parents. Due to the customized Overview Tools of PALCSchool, there may be some features of PALCSchool that may not be supported on mobile devices.

Since Canvas uses small elements of Flash, not all Canvas features may be supported on mobile devices, especially on iOS.

Learn about our policy on the Canvas App at PALCS here.