Hotspot Use and Troubleshooting

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PALCS provides hotspots for a variety of reasons, they are intended for PALCS/School use ONLY. By receiving a Hotspot you will not be eligible to receive an ISP reimbursement for the duration you have been assigned a PALCS hotspot.

How To Use the PALCS Hotspot:

  • Take the hotspot out of the box and power it on, you may need to charge it with the included charger before it will start.
  • After some time, the blinking lights will stay solid and a wireless network will appear (named something like “Alcatel LINKZONE ####” or “ATT-WIFI-####”)
  • Connect to this network with your PALCS device and use the password that is printed on the sticker or displayed on the screen. (You may need to tap the screen for more information.)
  • Once you have completed your school activities, power down the hotspot. Do NOT use the PALCS hotspot for non-PALCS devices or activities.
  • Please hold onto the original box and charger for when the device is returned.

Hotspot Tips and Troubleshooting:

  • If you are having trouble getting a signal on the hotspot itself, place the device closer to an open window or try other areas that might get a better signal. Cell phone signal may have trouble passing through certain materials.
  • If your computer is having trouble “seeing” the hotspot as an available network, restart the hotspot by holding down the power button and waiting 30-45 seconds before starting again. (Having the hotspot physically closer, in the same room, should make it easier for the devices to communicate.)
  • Keeping the hotspot permanently plugged into the charger or near a source of heat can cause damage to the device/battery.


A note on Hotspot Requests. Do NOT make a Hotspot Request directly to the Helpdesk. If you believe you require a hotspot, please reach out to your principal to help facilitate these requests. Hotspots are usually given out as a last resort and there are often better options available.