How do I get Student Working Papers/Work Permits?

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Work Permit Updates Related to COVID-19

Working Papers are available at the public school of the district in which you reside.

All students between the ages of 14 and 17 are required by Pennsylvania School Law to secure an Employment certificate, known as "Working Papers," before they may begin to work.

Each school district is responsible for issuing work permits to all minors who reside in the district, including those who attend non-public schools, cyber charter schools, or are participating in a home education program.  An issuing officer, in most cases, is a staff person located in the School Counseling office of a public school district's high school.  Contact your local school district to determine the exact location of the individual who issues work permits, and what hours the issuing officer is available.

If the minor lives in Pennsylvania and will be working in another state, the student will need a work permit from the state in which he or she will be working.  The student should contact the school district in which the employer is located in that state.

A minor who resides in Pennsylvania but is a high school graduate, must obtain a work permit from the school district where the employer is located.  This requirement covers all such minors including those attending colleges, universities, trade schools, or any other individual seeking employment who does not have a current work permit issued in Pennsylvania.  High school graduates who possess a work permit are exempt from the work hour limitation for minors 16 years of age and older.  They also do not need to have a signature from their parent or legal guardian on the application for a work permit as long as they provide official proof of graduation.

Application for Work Permit (PDE-4565)