Setting up WiFi Printing on HP4155 with HP Easy Start

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Setting up WiFi Printing on HP4155 with HP Easy Start on a PALCS Computer

The PALCS Helpdesk does NOT recommend WiFi printing on the PALCS provided printers, however you are welcome to attempt these steps to try to enable it for yourself.

1) Plug the printer into the computer with the provided USB cable.

2) Open up the Software Catalog ( Locating the Software Catalog ), click on the folder for “Drivers” and then “HP.” Inside should be an icon for “HP Easy Start.” Either double click on this icon or right click and press “Open.” (If that icon is missing, you may need to restart your computer and wait on the login screen for 4-5 minutes before signing in to ensure that your computer is connected to our servers)

3) That will start the install process of HP Easy Start. After a while this screen will pop up. Press “Continue.”


4) It will start looking for printers. Make sure that the printer is turned on otherwise it will not be able to find it.


5) After some time it should “See” the HP printer connected via USB. Click on the “Continue” button.


6) It will start to download and install the necessary software.


7) You may get an error like this, just press “Yes.”


8) After some time it will show you this screen. Press “Get Software.”


9) It will initially try to open in an Internet Explorer window, you can click the “x” at the top right of the “Internet Explorer 11” window first, and then right click the “e” icon at the bottom and select “Close Window” as we will not be using that browser.


10) It will continue to download and install more components. You may get another error message like this, just press “ok” again.


11) Eventually it will take you to a screen where it is asking you to Choose your software and driver. Select “Full software and driver” and press “Continue.”


12) It will continue to download the needed software.


13) Eventually it will open a new window and ask you to agree to several agreements. Just press “Yes” to both of them.


14) It will continue to load and install until it presents you with this screen.


15) The printer is now installed via USB. If you do not require WiFi printing you can stop the process now and use the printer via USB. To continue, open up Windows settings (the easiest way is to click on the Windows icon/start menu at the bottom left and click on the gear icon. Then select Devices and then click on the tab for printers and scanners. “HP DeskJet Plus 4100 series” should be one of the options. Click on it and then select the “Open printer app” button.


16) This will open up the HP Smart application. If this is the first time that the application has been opened it will ask you to accept their terms of service. Click “Accept All.”


17) It may present you an option to “Sign in” but that is not necessary, just click “Skip for now”


If it presents you with a screen like this, press “Skip.”


18) Click on the “Add Printer” button at the top right.


19) It should find the existing printer and show an option for “HP DeskJet Plus 4100” and press “Set up.”


20) It will send you to a screen like this, just press “Continue.”


21) It will then prompt you to enter the WiFi password for the network your computer is connected to. Input the password and then press “Connect.”


22) It may take a few minutes for the printer to be added to the Network.


23) As part of the process, it will ask you to press the “Information” button.


That can be found on the printer next to the screen, it is the “i” icon.


24) After that it will present you with this screen, showing you that the printer is now connected to the WiFi network. Press “Continue.”


25) It may also prompt you to enter the printer pin.


This can be found on the inside of the printer (where the ink goes)


26) It will then ask you to accept more Terms and conditions. Select “Accept All.”


27) It will again ask if you want to sign in, just select “Skip account activation.”


28) One more time, “Skip account activation.”


29) Click on “Skip ink savings”


30) Click on “Yes, Skip offer”


31) It will then ask you about Printer updates, just select “Auto Update” and then click “Apply.”


32) Click on “Skip sending link”


33) Once you get to this screen, you can navigate back to the Windows settings window for Printers. Click on “Add a printer or scanner” at the top.


34 ) “HP30F235 (HP DeskJet Plus 4100 series)” will show up, click on it and then press “Add device”


35) After some time it will be added to the computer, a little window will pop up on the right and it should now show up as an available printer in the list.


The WiFi part of the printer has now been added to the computer. You should be able to print directly to it as long as you are connected to the same wireless network. Make sure the wireless network you are connected to is set as a “Private” network otherwise you will not be able to locate the printer on the network.


36) If you navigate back to the HP Smart app and scroll down, you will be able to continue. Now that it’s been added it should give you a window like this. Press “Skip printing page.”

If the printer has not been used before, it may give you additional instructions on setting up the printer for the first time. Just follow the onscreen prompts until you complete the setup.