Google Translate Extension for Chrome

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Available on all student computers is an extension that enables students and parents to view translations of webpages. This extension is only available for the Google Chrome web browser.

The extension works in two ways. You can translate the entire page or highlight or right-click a text and translate it. You can also change extension options to automatically show translation every time you highlight text.

Location of Extension

Google_Translate_Icon.png The extension is located at the right of the web browser's navigation bar. You will have to click the puzzle icon at the top right and then click on the Google Translate option.


The Translate Page Option
Clicking on this icon will make a drop down appear (see below). From there a student or parent can select "Translate This Page."


This will force a language drop-down so the student and parent can select the language to translate to (see below). After clicking on the translate-to language, the page will be translated. Pages with larger amount of text will take longer. Translations typically take seconds.


Highlight and Right Click Option
A student or parent is to highlight the text, right click, select the "Google Translate" option.


The translated text will open in a new Google Translate tab within Google Chrome.