Updating drivers on HP Computers

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Updating the drivers on your computer can be an important troubleshooting step for resolving weird issues. We have made this easy to do via our Software Catalog ( Software Distribution via The Software Catalog ). If you minimize out of everything you have open and look on the desktop, one of the icons should be a blue folder that says "Software Catalog"


If you double click on that it will open a new window. Look inside of the "Drivers" folder.


One of the icons should be "HP Driver Update 5.1.11" (It may be a slightly different number if it has been updated recently) Double click on that icon (or right click and press open/repair) and it will automatically install any pending driver/system updates.


You may see several screens that look like this. This may take some time, in some cases 15-45 minutes, several other windows may pop up. This is normal.



When it finishes it will prompt you to restart your computer (it will give you 30 seconds to cancel this restart but it is best to let it restart now and finish the updates).


It may install a couple more updates after it restarts (do not power down the laptop during these updates). Once you reach the Windows login screen the updates have been completed and your computer and drivers should be up to date. (There is no confirmation screen if there are no pending updates. If you start the driver update from the Software Catalog it will run every time, even if there are no pending updates.)