Why is my Software Catalog empty?

  • Updated

If you are missing Folders/icons from your Software Catalog, you may not be making a good connection with our servers. When you first log into the computer, you need to have an active internet connection otherwise it may not connect properly and it will not fully populate the Software Catalog.


If you look at the bottom right of the computer, next to the date and time, there should be an icon that looks like this:


However, if that icon is greyed out and looks like this:


That means that you haven't made a good connection with our servers. To resolve this, all you need to do is restart the computer and wait on the login screen for 2-4 minutes. That way your computer will fully connect to the our servers when you are signing in.

Important note, you MUST use the same username and password that you use to sign into the PALCS School lobby. If you have had your password changed recently, you may still be able to sign into the computer itself with the old credentials. However, in order to sign into the Software Catalog you MUST use your current username and password.