Zoom Installation and Updating

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By default, Zoom will be installed on all of our PALCS computers. The easiest way to find zoom is searching in the Start menu for "Zoom." (Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left and then just type "zoom")


You should also be able to locate it via an icon on the desktop.


If you are not able to find Zoom on your computer, you can easily re-download it from our Software Catalog. Inside of the "Plugins" and then "Zoom" folder will be icons for Zoom. Pick the highest version number and right click. Select either "Open" or "Repair" and it should automatically install Zoom to your computer.


When you launch Zoom it will look like this.


When Zoom is running, there will be an icon in the bottom right corner. It may look like either of these icons. Right click the icon and select "Check for Updates."

Zoom_05.PNG Zoom_08.PNG

If there are any updates pending it will find them and download them automatically. Once it finishes downloading, you just need to press the blue "Install" button.

Zoom_06.PNG Zoom_09.PNG

It will then install any pending updates.


If you "Check for Updates" again, you should see a screen like this.


By default, Zoom will automatically update itself so you should not have to manually update Zoom every time.