iBoss Content Filter

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What is an Internet Filter?
An “Internet filter” is a type software that controls the content users are exposed to when interacting with the Internet.

Our Approach to Filtering
PA Leadership Charter School aims to provide a safe and secure educational environment in which our educators and students can utilize dynamic and collaborative online learning tools. One method that ensures our students are safe while learning is with the use of an Internet filter. An Internet filter is installed on all student computers. Our Internet filtering software protects students from material that is deemed harmful or obscene.  Our approach to internet filtering at PALCS is guided by the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act. At PALCS our academic leaders collaborate with our technology department regarding decisions on what is blocked and what is allowed.

Our Filter on Windows Computers
The content filter we currently utilize on our Windows computers at PALCS is called iBoss. Below is some summary information on how this filter impacts the student experience.

Key Web Categories Blocked: 

  • Gambling, Entertainment
  • Web Proxies, File Sharing
  • Private Websites
  • Adult Content
  • Chat Apps
  • Social Media (Twitter is allowed. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are blocked.)

 Key Web Categories Enabled:

  • Education, Dictionary
  • Business, Finance
  • Art, Food, News

Forced Features:

  • Safe Search Engine Search* (Safe Search is forced on and keywords not blocked by the search engine are further screened by iBoss.)

Device Policies

In addition to blocking/allowing categories, PALCS administration can allow/block urls and certain keywords. No filter is 100% accurate. Parents should maintain oversight of their child’s activity on school and personal computers. The filter and restriction policies that are put in place on PALCS computers are established and approved by PALCS administrators and guided by FERPA and COPPA.