Enrollment and Application Information

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If you are looking for more information on how to Enroll at PALCS, you can find more information at our Enrollments page - https://www.palcs.org/enroll-now/ 

Here is a brief video on how to Enroll at PALCS:

If you are looking for the Application / Enrollment web page, you can find that login page here:



To Create a new account, fill out the information on the left side of the page and click "create." (Make sure to write down what email and password you use for this account so that you can sign in again if you need to finish the application)

If you can't remember the password for this enrollment application account, you MUST use the "Forgot Password?" link. (There is NO other way to reset this password, the Helpdesk does NOT have access to these accounts.)

Enter in your email and select "Ok."

A password reset email will be sent to the email address you entered.

Click on the link and enter a new password.

You can then go back to the initial login page and sign in with the newly reset password.


This application / enrollments page is ONLY for new / enrolling students. They are a totally different system than PALCS student / parent accounts that existing students / families would use to sign into the "PALCS Lobby." (More information here - What is PALCSchool? )