How to access and use Microsoft Office 365

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For the students enrolled in our "Microsoft Office" course, we make the Microsoft Office Suite available. (We only make this available to students enrolled in the course, if you are not enrolled in the course you will not be able to access this resource.)

Our Office 365 licenses are online only which means you can access them online from any device (but you will also not be able to sign into the "Desktop" version of Office 365).

To access the Microsoft Office 365 suite, all you will need to do is visit and click "Sign In."

Enter your email account and select Next.


Then it will prompt you for a password. The FIRST time that you attempt to sign in, the default password is set to "palcsMS365". Use that password for the first time logging in and it will prompt you to change your password. Set this to something memorable (it can be the same as your lobby password but it does not need to be).

Once you sign in you will be at the Office dashboard. From here you can click on the icons to the left to access the different "Office" applications like Word and Excel.

There will be a list of available files or you can click on the "Create new" button to start a new document.

When you open or create a file you will have a fully functional document processor all within the web browser.

This version of Microsoft Office 365 is very similar to the Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Google Drive) in that everything is accessible from any web browser. It has almost every feature that you would need for basic to advanced word processing tasks.

If you have a Word or Excel document on your computer (that you've downloaded from somewhere else) the easiest way to open it with Microsoft Office 365 is to visit the dashboard and drag the file over.


If it is successful it will say "Upload Complete."

It will then open up a new tab with the file opened in Microsoft 365.



If you do not remember the password that you set for this account, you cannot use the forgot my password button or you will get an error message like this.

If you have forgotten what password you set for your Microsoft Office 365 login, please let us know by submitting a ticket.


We also still assign a legacy version of Microsoft Office (Office 2016) as an additional resource for this course. For students in the course it will be accessible for download from the Software Catalog ( Software Distribution via The Software Catalog ) This is a totally different version of Microsoft Office that looks and behaves slightly different to the Office 365 version.