Installing GameMaker 8.1 and GameMaker CD

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Installing GameMaker 8.1

 The first step to Installing GameMaker is to find the Software Catalog on the desktop.



Once you open that, there will be another folder called “PALCS,” inside of that we’re looking for an icon called “GameMaker 8.1”



If you double click that icon it should start the installation process.



This should open up GameMaker’s install window. You will just click on “I Agree” / “Next” / ”Install” / ”Finish” for the next couple windows.



After you press “Finish” it should open up a couple of other Windows.


After this bar finishes, it will open up two windows with options. For the first one, click on “Stable Channel” and then OK.



For the second one, click on “No” to enabling Advanced mode. (This can always be changed later by pressing “File > Advanced Mode” once the program is running.)



After this, the program should start up and have another splash screen.



Since we will only be using the Lite version, make sure to click on the “X” at the top of the window.



After that, the program is ready to be used. 


GameMaker CD

To download the GameMaker CD, there is a second icon in the Software Catalog inside of the PALCS folder. (This will need to be downloaded separately as it is not included in the initial download shown above)


Once that finishes, a folder will show up on the desktop that has all of the files that were on the CD that was originally provided with the textbook.


Your course instructions will let you know which files/folders to use. 


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