Installing and Launching the DRC Insight Browser for CDT Testing

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If students are taking the CDT for the first time at PALCS, they will need to install the DRC Insight Browser test browser from our Software Catalog.

The following video shows the steps for this process. Below the video are written instructions with screenshots.

Steps to install are:

1. First Refresh ZENworks on your school computer.
Locate the ZENworks icon in your school computer's taskbar and right click on it and a popup window will appear – when it does, click “Refresh.”


2. Open the Software Catalog (icon is located on your desktop).


3. Locate the "DRC Insight Browser" and double-click. This will start the download and installation process. While installing you will see an install window like the one shown below.

click to enlarge image 7.png



4. Open the Insight Browser - do this by double clicking on the icon show below.

5. The following splash screen will appear.  Click on the "Test Sign In" text.


6.  The screen shown below will appear with fields for username and password.
Your username is provided by teachers.

Your password is the code found on your online passwords page in PALCSchool. Below is screenshot of where to get to the Online Prorgrams PWD page.


Online Programs PWD page is shown below. click to enlarge image 7.png

7. Select the appropriate assessment as directed by your teacher. Be sure to only complete the assessments listed under "Classroom Diagnostic Tools"