Installing the Virtual TI Calculator

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Installing the Virtual TI Calculator on a PALCS Computer


If you need to install the Virtual TI Calculator on your computer, you can download it from our Software Catalog (Click HERE to learn more about the Software Catalog)


The first thing you need to do is locate the Software Catalog on your desktop (so close out or minimize out of any windows you may have open).



Inside of the Software Catalog you will see many other folders, click on the one labeled “PALCS”



Inside of that will be an icon that says “Virtual TI Calculator.”



Just double click on this icon (or right click and press “Open”/”Repair”) and your computer will automatically install this program to your computer. It will show up as an icon on your desktop as well as in your start menu.




If the Virtual TI Calculator does not show up in your Software Catalog/PALCS Folder, please restart your computer and wait on the login screen for 5 minutes before signing in with the same password you use to sign-in at After signing in, please wait another 5 minutes before opening the Software Catalog and checking inside the PALCS folder.  This SHOULD restore the icon to the Software Catalog.


NOTE: It is NOT possible to install this program on a non-PALCS device. If you are unable to use a PALCS please reach out to your teacher and ask them what calculator they’d recommend (Certain classes will use different features and your teacher will know of good alternatives that have the features you will need.)


The Calculator built into Windows can be turned into a “Scientific” calculator that will be useful for many classes. You can access this calculator by searching in the Start Menu for Calculator.



To change it into “Scientific” mode, click on the 3 bars at the top left, then select “Scientific”.



This can be used for many tasks but you will want to verify with your teacher if there is a better application to use.

(A calculator often recommended by math teachers - Geogebra )