Utilizing Google Chrome's "People" / Chrome Profile Function

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Utilizing Google Chrome's "People" / Chrome Profile Function


If multiple people are using a device (especially with a personal computer) you may want to take advantage of a feature built into Google Chrome that allows multiple users to customize and log into Chrome without interrupting each other. ( Here is more information from Google about this feature )


This feature is especially useful if multiple students are trying to use the same computer or you are sharing a personal/work computer with your student. This helps keep the accounts separated and prevent any issues with accounts getting mixed up.


How to set this feature up


Thankfully, Google makes it very easy to start utilizing this feature, all you have to do is click on your “Profile picture” at the top right of Google Chrome next to three dots. (This may be a picture you have chosen, an initial or a symbol.)



This will bring up a small window where you can access the People functions. At the bottom of this window is a button that says “+ Add.”


Once you click the add button it will bring up a new window where you can start setting up the new Chrome profile. Click on the "Sign in" button.



This will prompt you to enter your Google account information. Input your student's email address (their username @stu.palcsmail.org).



Once you click "Next" it will take you to the PALCS lobby. Sign in with your normal student credentials.

Once you sign in, Google will ask you to verify it's you. Just click "Continue."


Then a window will open and ask if you want to turn on sync. Click "Yes, I'm in" and it will automatically restore any user data you have saved to the cloud (Bookmarks, extensions, saved passwords, ect).


Now that you are signed into multiple Google Chrome "People" there will now be two different icons for Google Chrome on the desktop. Notice how the profile picture now appears overtop the Google Chrome icon? This helps you tell which Chrome window is which.




You’re all set! You and your student can both use Chrome on the same computer without interfering with each other.


Having separate Google Chrome “People” helps keep accounts, passwords, bookmarks and tabs distinct. This makes sharing a computer much easier and simpler. You can have as many "People" as you need. So if you have multiple students you can make multiple People to keep them all separate.