How to combine scanned images into a PDF

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How to combine scanned images into a PDF


Our recommended Scanning Program is Windows Fax and Scan ( Which you can learn more about HERE ) creates picture files. If you need to combine several pictures or scans into a single PDF, you can do that by using the “Print to PDF” function.


The first thing you need to is locate the Scanned Documents folder (or wherever the pictures are that you’d like to combine). The easiest way to find that is to click on the start menu at the bottom left of your screen and then the icon that looks like a page.



This will take you to your My Documents folder. If you have scanned anything there will be a “Scanned Documents” folder.



Inside will be all of your documents that you have scanned. Just select the ones you want to combine (You can do this by clicking the first one, holding down shift click, and then click on the last one. This will automatically select everything in between. Alternatively, you can click on the first one, hold down control and then click on all of the other documents that you want to include.)



Once you have selected all the files you want to combine, right click on the one you want to be first and one of the options will be “Print.”



This will open up a new printing window. Make sure the "Printer:" is set to "Microsoft Print to PDF." By default it’s going to try and print them sideways, so click on the “Options” button at the bottom right.



Then click on the “Printer Properties” button.



Then change the option that says “Orientation” to “Portrait.”




Then click OK. The pages should be showing up in the correct orientation. Again, make sure that the printer is set to “Microsoft Print to PDF.”



Now all you need to do is click “Print.” That will bring up a window where you can save the file (if you change it from the default Documents folder, make sure it’s somewhere you can find easily!).



Once you hit save, it will automatically convert the images into a PDF file that you can find where you saved it.



You can upload and share this file to your teachers. This method should work with any pictures, not just scans!