Zoom Camera issues - Lines through Zoom camera and other weird glitching

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UPDATE: As of Jan 16, 2023, Zoom has released an update that has corrected this issue (Version 5.13.5). Please make sure your Zoom is up to date by following our guide on Installing / Updating Zoom. The instructions below will still help but the update will fixe the issue permanently.



An issue we've been dealing with recently (Jan 2023) with our PALCS laptops is that Zoom is glitching out and causing things like this to occur with the camera input in Zoom. We think this is happening because the computer runs out of processing power to completely display the image properly.



One thing that we've found works is disabling some of their extra "processing" that Zoom does to the video input. You can do this by changing your video settings, click on the arrow next to the video icon at the bottom left of your Zoom window and select "Video Settings..."


Then click on "Advanced" at the bottom of that menu.


Turn off "Optimize video quality with de-noise" by removing the checkmark.


That should correct any weird visual issues you may be having. If you are still having issues, you may need to close out of any extra programs that you are running on your computer.