How do I export or backup my Student data?

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As a student at PALCS you may be creating and submitting lots of files (pictures, documents, etc.) it may be wise to backup your data to make sure you don't lose access to anything. A really useful tool is the Google Drive desktop app which you can use to automatically back up any data you have on your laptop. 


However, if you would like to export your data elsewhere, you have a couple of options. (These methods will only work for currently enrolled students. If you are a previously enrolled student, please follow these instructions for requesting your data.)

Google Data / Takeout

If you would like a copy of your Google Data from your PALCS Student Google account, you can easily do that from Google's "Takeout" service. Navigate to 


Make sure that you are currently signed into your PALCS Google account by clicking the icon at the top right, it should say you are on your account.


On the Google Takeout website, scroll down through all the data options that you can select. One of the most important ones will be "Drive" data as that will include any files you've uploaded to Google Drive as well as any Google Docs that you've created.


If you want a backup of your emails make sure "Mail" is selected.


Scroll all the way down until you see the blue "Next step" button. Click on that button once you have made your selections.


You will have to decide on the export settings. The easiest method is selecting "Send download link via email."


You can set this to be a reoccurring backup, but most will just want to select "Export once."


Click on the blue "Create export" at the bottom.


It will then start the export/takeout process. Depending on the amount of files/data you have with Google, this may take some time.


When it completes you should receive an email informing you the data is ready for download.


Click on the "Download your files" link inside of the email and it will take you back to the Google Takeout page.


Or refresh the Google Takeout page you had open earlier and it will show "Your latest export" with a "Download" button.


If you click on the "Download" button it will start downloading your most recent export.


Inside the .zip file that downloads will be all of the data you selected.


Inside of the Drive folder will be all your files, folders and Google Docs that you own.


You can take this .zip file anywhere and use it as you wish.


Canvas Submission Data

If you would like a copy of everything that you have submitted via Canvas, Canvas makes this easy with their Download Submissions tool. When you are logged into Canvas, click on your "Account" icon at the top left and then select "Settings."


At the right side of the screen is a "Download Submissions" button. Click on this button.


This will take you to a Download Submissions screen. Click on the blue "Create Export" button to begin.


It should start creating the download link. Depending on how long you've been at PALCS/the number of courses you've completed, this may take some time. (You can leave this browser tab open and do other things while you wait.)


When it completes a "New Export" button will appear.


Click on that button and it should download a .zip file that contains all your Submissions.


Inside of the zip folder will be all your data.


It will be arranged by course and then sub-divided further.


You can use this .zip folder as you wish.



We currently do not have a way of exporting Course or Student data previous to Canvas (Moodle). Also, any data that is on the computer itself must be manually backed up - Backing up your files (or automatically backed up using Google Drive for desktop).