How do I resync / reset my date and time?

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If your time has gotten de-synced, you may have trouble operating your computer. You may get errors like this or other security based concerns.


This happens when the time your computer is set to does not match what the actual time internet servers are expecting.


To fix this, all you will need to do is locate the Software Catalog ( Software Distribution via The Software Catalog ) which is a blue folder on your desktop. Double click to open.


Then double click on the "Utilities" folder.


Then double click on the "Control Panel" folder.


Inside of that should be an icon for "Resync Date & Time." Double click on this icon (or right click and select "Open") and your computer should automatically resync your date and time.


You should then be able to navigate the web properly. (You may need to close out of the browser and re-open the page)