How do I get GoToMeeting on my PALCS device?

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While we don't officially use GoToMeeting at PALCS, we do make it available as some of our 3rd party contractors use it. 

The easiest way to install GoToMeeting is through our Software Catalog ( Software Distribution via The Software Catalog ). Inside of the "PALCS" folder should be an icon for "GoToMeeting App." Either double click on this icon or right click and select "Open."


That will make the program automatically install to your computer. 


It may take a minute or two but eventually it should finish and open up the program.


You will probably be given a "Meeting name" or "Meeting ID" that you can enter at this screen.


Alternatively, you can download GoToMeeting directly from their website. Visit  and scroll down until you see "GoToMeeting Desktop App." Click on the Download button.


That will take you to a different page, click on "Download the app" and it should download the installer to your computer.


You can click on the "Downloads" icon that shows up at the top right of the browser and then select "Open."


Or if that option does not show up, navigate to your "Downloads" folder and double click on the "GoToMeeting Opener."


That will install the program to your computer.


Once this finishes it will open up the same "Open meeting" screen as before.


Once it is installed, it should add an icon to your desktop. Anytime you need to open the program you can click on this icon.


Or you can search for "GoTo" and select this application.


(Note: "GoToAssist" is the program we use to "remote" into Student computers for troubleshooting and is a different program than "GoToMeeting" / Go To Meeting)