How do I scan?

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This method of scanning uses Windows Fax and Scan.  It will work the same on any model of printer supported by PALCS. Please note proper placement of paper in scanner may vary between models.

messagebox_warning.pngNote: If your printer has a "Scan" button we recommend that students do not press this button. It is not needed to scan. We recommend students use software located on the computer to scan documents.


At your Scanner: Get the Scanner Ready

  1. Open the top lid of the scanner (shown at right).sheet_on_scanner2150.jpg
  2. Place the item you want to scan face-down on the scanner glass. One of the corners will have symbol by it. Align the page to be scanned with this corner.
  3. Close the top cover. If you are scanning something thick, like a book or craft, you may leave the lid open.
  4. Make sure the printer is turned on and plugged into the computer with the USB cable. (Wireless scanning does not work on PALCS desktop computer or laptops, the only way to scan is by using the USB cord)


On your computer: Using Windows Fax and Scan

  1. Type "Scan" in the search bar located on the Taskbar and Open the "Windows Fax and Scan" app.
  2. From the Windows Fax and Scan program make sure that "Scan" mode is selected. This is adjust at the bottom right of the program's window.
  3. Click the "New Scan" button.


  4. A "New Scan" window will now appear. Click the "Scan" button to begin the scanning process.


  5. While scanning you will see a green progress bar appear.


  6. When the scan is complete, the file will appear in the window. From here click on "Save As" to save the scan.
  7.  A window will appear asking you to name the file. From this window you can also change the folder it is saved in.