How do I take a picture or video with my webcam?

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Below are steps for taking a picture and recording video using the webcam that is a part of all student laptops.

Laptops issued to students have webcams built in to the laptop lid. The location of webcams on laptops is highlighted at the right.


To Take a Still Picture
1. Open the AmCap program on the Desktop:


2. Click on Capture at the top, then Get Image.


3. It will open a new window with the captured image.  To save the image click on File in the new window and then click SAVE.  If you are not happy with the image you can close the new window without clicking on SAVE to discard the image.


Make sure you look at where you are saving the file, and remember what file name you choose so you can find the picture later

Recording Video

1. Open the AmCap program on the Desktop:


2. Click on the Devices tab and make sure "Internal Microphone" has a check mark next to it.


Then click on Capture and make sure that there is check mark next to "Capture Audio"


3. Click on Capture at the top, then Start Capture.


4. This will force a window to open in which you can set the filename and choose the location of the recording.


5. Next a small window will appear over your video screen. Click OK to start the capture.


When you are at a point you wish to end your recording, Click on Capture and then "Stop Capture." This will put the recording where you selected earlier.


If you are having trouble taking a picture/video, you may want to check out our camera troubleshooting article ( HP Privacy Filter & Camera Troubleshooting )