How do I adjust and manage Canvas notifications?

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About Notifications
Canvas has a robust notification system. Both students and parents can receive email alerts for various course related activities.

Students and Parents can adjust their notifications by clicking on their profile and notification-flat.pngselecting Notifications. Notifications are sent as one of four delivery types: send right away, daily summary, weekly summary, or don't send. If you change a setting, the change is made immediately to your account.

Notification settings apply to all of your courses; you cannot change settings for individual courses.

You can reply directly to email notifications outside of Canvas and have the reply appear in Conversations. However, please be aware that attachments added as part of an external reply are not included with the message shown in the Canvas Inbox.

Some Tips:

  • Course Activities such as Due dates and discussions are found in PALCSchool. To avoid notification overload to your email, turn these notifications off completely.
  • An activity most students and parents turn on for immediate notification is grades. You will want to make sure the boxed is checked next to this setting so the score is actually sent with the notification.
  • For most notifications the best setting is a weekly summary

Note: The Canvas by Instructure app supports setting notification preferences. However, setting preferences inside the app will override preferences in the browser version of Canvas, and daily and weekly preferences are not supported. Learn about setting preferences in the Canvas app for Android devices and iOS devices.

Where to Manage Your Notifications

1. From your Canvas dashboard, click Account and then Notifications.


2. A page will appear where you can set your Account Notification Settings.


Each notification is set to a default preference. To change a notification for a contact method, locate the notification and click the icon and a drop-down will appear with notification options.  


  • Notify Immediately: Get notified right away. These notifications are delayed by one hour in case an instructor makes additional changes, which prevents you from being spammed by multiple notifications in a short amount of time.
  • Daily Summary: Sends a daily notification.
  • Weekly Summary: Sends notifications weekly. The date and time of your weekly notifications are posted at the bottom of the notifications page.
  • Notifications Off: No notifications will be sent. 

Additional Notes:

  • Each set notification preference will automatically apply to all of your courses. They cannot be set individually.
  • Twitter and SMS notification preferences do not support daily summary or weekly summary options.

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