What if I have trouble with my Zoom link?

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If you are having difficulty entering a teacher's Zoom room, you should progress through the following Checklist Steps:

STEP 1: If Zoom is not launching you may not have Zoom installed on your computer. Follow our guide to install Zoom and make sure zoom is updated HERE

STEP 2: Double-check you have the correct link and date/time. The Zoom room link and class schedule will be on the Canvas Homepage for your course as well as listed on the PALCS School Lobby.

  • Each teacher has their own Zoom room which a specific web address (url).
  • Many teachers have more than one Zoom room.
  • Also many PALCS Teachers have strict start and end times for Virtual Classroom sessions. Sometimes Virtual Classrooms are locked 5 minutes after their start time.

STEP 3: Contact the teacher and make sure you have the correct link. The best method is to send your teacher a message through Canvas.

STEP 4: Review our Zoom support articles which have several tutorials and guides on using Zoom.

This page is located HERE

 STEP 5: If you have not heard back from your teacher in a reasonable amount of time, open a HelpDesk Support Ticket by visiting HERE. Make sure to include any relevant information (what class or teacher you are trying to join, what time the class is supposed to be, etc.).